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Jim Pratt

Todd, I been retired since I was 42 (65 now) from my real estate investments. The 4% rule means nothing to me except that my properties and rents keeps up with inflation, I have 100% controll over my income. I feel sorry for retirees trying to live off their retirement plans with the volatilities of world markets. I have no where near the skills and knowledge that you have, it"s KISS for me all the way. Your articles are very informative and from what I can tell, pretty accurate. Even though I would like to get out of the rental market, finding an investment(s) that would give me consistent returns of 10% (I get over 18% on my rentals) would prove difficult. The reason I read your articles is to gain more financial knowledge because I want more freedom with NO money worries. Life is good, I just want more!

2 years, 8 months ago on Are Safe Withdrawal Rates Really Safe?