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@arpowers @janpeetersThanks Andrew that's great news!

1 year ago on New packages and pricing.



Hi Andrew, thanks for your quick response. Still not completely clear though, sorry... could be me. 

Regarding question 1:

So my current subscription for about $182 will be grandfathered into DMS Standard Club Membership indefinitely as long as I keep paying my current DMS Business subscription pricing? And not until my current subscription ends on 5 august 2014? 

So in other words... I won't be needing to start paying $20 a month after 5 august to keep the plan I'm grandfathered in, just the current subscription pricing?

Thanks for clarifying.

1 year ago on New packages and pricing.


Great that Pagelines is learning and taking into account that users would want a fair deal with changing circumstances. I appreciate that. A few questions arise though:

- I'm currently a DMS Business user. As I understood it well this will become a Standard club membership including access to all current and upcoming premium products. As well as support + updates. But for how long? This is not mentioned... Also for the duration of my current subscription? Like mentioned with DMS Standard?

- I'm not able to pay $20 for a monthly subscription. So if my current DMS Standars Club Membership ends I will have to transition to a $99 Standard License. This option is price-wise most near to my current DMS Bussiness with the early adopter reduction that I was supposed to have for the duration of my subscription. The Developer option is also too expensive for me. Will there be any negative consequences for the six websites I have currently running on my current DMS Bussiness?

- How many websites will I be able to run with a $99 standard license?

Thanks for answering.

1 year ago on New packages and pricing.