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This is a shocking trade but amazing for the Colts. Firstly this sets us up for the future. Luck has his running back so he has his Edge and he has his Marv Harrison in TY Hilton. Secondly it sets us up in the present and gives us the run game that we're looking for. Richardson has good vision so he can give us yards when he finds the hole and he can give us yards after contact. That's a huge improvement to the run game and the offense as a whole. He can help us sustain drives and give us the team that we should have.

As much as people hate the idea of running the ball it helps Luck and the offense out so much. It takes some pressure off of Luck and helps us in a ton situations especially short yardage. It's a move to Build the Monster. This move puts us on path to hoist that Lombardi up several times like Pagano envisioned.

1 year, 7 months ago on BREAKING NEWS: Colts acquire RB Trent Richardson while simultaneously mortgaging future!!!


 @paulcareyjr  @codrutc I think the Colts staff already found the solution for Walden and Mathis leave. Hear me out here. With Mathis at the Rush linebacker spot. Jerry Hughes has been effective in that spot in a limited role last year. With more coaching and playing time Jerry Hughes could start turning a corner in his career and contribute how Grigson and the rest of the Colts staff think he will. This will allow for a smooth transition for Hughes and the Colts. Werner can play the SAM linebacker position because of how good he is against the run and setting the edge. Both players are players with a high ceiling that are learning the game at the pro level and possess the versatility due to either intelligence (Werner) or athleticism (Hughes). With how well the coaching staff coaches we could have OLB a solid tandem for the future.

1 year, 12 months ago on A look at Bjoern Werner


I don't think we'll have a good gauge of how good or how bad this team will be or what the "problems" in general are from this one game. Everyone on both sides of the ball with the exception of Cory Redding, Tim Zbikowski, and now Trai Essex are still getting comfortable with playing in the systems put into place during regulars season games. As much practice as they've had and as well coached as they are it's a different speed in a game that matters. Once they're comfortable I think we can get a better gauge as to where or what the problems are.




2 years, 7 months ago on The Problem With the 2012 Colts: the Defensive Backfield | September


 @Kyle Rodriguez  I could see Pagano keeping both. You have to take injuries into account especially when you're talking the Indy CBs specifically Jerraud Powers

2 years, 8 months ago on A Guess at Friday's 53-Man Roster | August


After watching Davis' highlight reel I think 2nd round for him is quite a steal. His potential is amazing, his skills are incredible and I'm sure Pagano will know what to do with his talents...From how aggressive Grigson has been this offseason it's safe to assume that he is thinking this team needs to win now and be in contention for at least a playoff spot this year. Giving away an early round draft pick may seem like much but draft classes are constantly changing as the draft draws closer. So a draft choice that we hope is there, for example like now former LSU CB Tyrann Matheiu, might not be there and we won't be guaranteed the level of play that Davis brings with him.


I'm sure OL will be addressed through the waiver wire even though we can't expect to have this taken care from a few pick ups. Grigson only just (possibly) fixed the CB position and that took a lot of digging. Let's hope that he is able to get everything sorted by the season opener.

2 years, 8 months ago on BREAKING: Colts acquire CB Vontae Davis from Miami | August