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@LeuenbergerGreg  To be fair, some of Hilton's best games last year were near the beginning of the season - so it wasn't like he didn't see the field.

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Man, football is a hard game to analyze (though you do as good a job as anyone IMHO, these player profiles are awesome). So many interconnected variables, so many unknowns, so much to weigh and consider, and then after all that it's still almost impossible to know anything for certain. I suppose that's a large part of what makes it so interesting as a fan and such fertile ground as an analyst, though for me personally, a man who needs every ounce of information I can get before coming to any kind of conclusion on anything, it is also of particular frustration. 

I've always been a big Hakeem Nicks fan, and I really hope we get his best this season, though it's never a great sign when a guy lets circumstances impact his professional integrity. I do expect the positive culture surrounding this team (and the presence of Reggie Wayne) to do good things for him in that respect at least.

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What bothers me most about this story is how many national news organizations are reporting it as drunk driving. I understand the difference is a subtle one but Irsay has had pill addictions for years that he's been very open about while denying drinking alcohol. The national media is painting him as a giant hypocrite for claiming he doesn't drink and then being pulled over for drunk driving. If I had a dollar for every time I've seen his "I haven't had a sip of alcohol in 15 years" tweet shown in a news story about this well I'd have like $4 or $5 at least (which I could use right now, btw). ESPN even claiming the Colts should lose draft picks as a statement of the severity of alcohol abuse.

This is obviously a serious crime, and even if it was some weird reaction to combining pills he didn't intend to or whatever, the fact remains that he should be and will be punished for it, but it definitely irks me that so many media outlets just want to laugh and point as if it's just another example of a rich hypocrite claiming one thing and doing another. Kissing Suzy Kolber used the headline "The Jim Irsay Drunk Diving Story We All Knew Was Coming." The most cursory reading of the court documents or even perusing the local news reports would show them the inaccuracy of what they're writing, you know, basic journalism stuff. Don't let facts get in the way of a good story I guess.

(now watch it come out that he was also drunk, then I'll look like the asshole)

1 month, 1 week ago on Update: Jim Irsay Charged with Four Felony Counts of Possession