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I'm not quite sure who exactly we're crying for here and how this is having a negative impact on the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem as a whole. Yes capital is cheap right now for entrepreneurs at the seed stage for many reasons including crazy low interest rates that have flooded the market with money, as well as the ability for companies to scale their business at amazing speeds before venture firms are able to push more money into the firm, thus they have to pay up earlier. While the odds of failure are still high, maybe even higher than before because of the sheer amount of companies being started now, the payoff has never been greater, thus the "option" that seed stage investors are buying must get more expensive. 


Coming from a startup CEO who is hiring right now, I find the line of thinking here to be off base. I want more large tech firms in NYC that are looking to gobble up talent. Why? Because they are great grounds to poach from. In NYC right now we're all poaching from each other and that sucks. 


Yes my generation, the Millennials, were given trophies for everything and in many ways it was poisonous to us, but this is a bad metaphor for the aqui-hire and I think you know it Sarah. I love that entrepreneurs can leave their corporate gigs and take a shot knowing that if they build a great product that can't stand on its own as a business, there is value to a large firm, maybe in what they've build, or just the experience they've gained. Are we crying for the large firms here? Please. 


At the end fo the day, whatever produces more entrepreneurs and more successful companies is a positive in my book. 


What are we crying about again?


2 years, 8 months ago on The Acqui-hire Scourge: Whatever Happened to Failure in Silicon Valley?