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A small point about the last sentence - Socrates didn't write anything down, his philosophy and life was entirely spoken, in fact he decried writing as negatively impacting memory and learning. What we know of Socrates' sayings and teachings are from others' writings, mainly Plato.

1 year ago on Marc Andreessen on the “smart people fallacy”


"Yahoo should have gone private..." or sold to Microsoft when they had a shareholder-friendly offer and before they headed over the competitive cliff.

2 years, 7 months ago on Shocker! Marissa Mayer Has No Magical, Secret Plan to Save Yahoo


The article was missing most relevant fact, which is "how much does all this electricity cost?" While the article insinuates that it's a big number, without stating the amount it's unclear whether the "wasted" electricity cost is even worth solving. As another commenter stated, the big operators like Google/Amazon with their own data centers have created a huge number of innovations to save electricity and other data center operations costs, because the costs are material to them. It's not material to thousands of other companies in the "long tail" that have single data centers or lease data center space. The fundamental problem with the article is it doesn't grapple with the need to "provision to peak" workloads. While cloud provisioning can help with some services, someone (Google/Amazon etc) needs to operate those cloud data centers, and they also have to provision to peak...

2 years, 7 months ago on A Lot of Lead Bullets: A Blistering Response to the NYT on Data Center Efficiency


Twitter inserts sponsored messages, they could easily insert tweets on super-accelerating news items, even filtered based on my location/streams. I agree that it seems like an easy way to really increase the real-time topical value of Twitter.

2 years, 8 months ago on Shooting at Empire State Building Shows Twitter Is Good for News But Could Be Way Better