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Just listened to John's segment on KC radio & didn't perceive it as negative toward Mizzou.  He commented on the notion of "buyer's remorse" for Mizzou's entry into the SEC,  but that was brought up by the host.  And, frankly, there are some Mizzou people who do have some second thoughts about the SEC (I'm not one of them).  There was some talk about how conferences would have been better off staying at 12 teams, but that wasn't directed at Mizzou.  That seemed like more of a comment on logistics for a conference in that it's easier to operate at 12 teams than 14.  John even pointed out he thought Mizzou would have an easier adjustment to SEC life than Arkansas did when they joined the league.  Nothing in John's comments seemed "anti-Mizzou" regarding the institution or its entry into the SEC.

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I tend to agree with MrSEC's arguments on how a 9-game schedule is likely inevitable, but unless/until that happens would the SEC consider doing away with the divisional format for scheduling?  Awhile back someone threw out a scheduling idea (I'd cite the source, but for the life of me I can't remember where I read it) of (1) doing away with divisions; (2) assigning each school 3 permanent rivals which would be played every year; and (3) the remaining 10 schools would be played over 4-year periods -- i.e., 5 played home/away in years 1 & 2, the next 5 played home/away in years 3 & 4, then start over.  This would allow each school to visit all conference foes over the course of 4 years and should (I think) allow preservation of all the existing rivalries that need to be kept (as well as create new ones).

The conference title game would then consist of the 1 & 2 teams in the SEC standings.  Granted, a waiver would be needed from the NCAA since the NCAA requires the divisions for a conference title game.  But wouldn't the NCAA be hard-pressed to deny such a waiver since, in this format, the best 2 teams would be playing in the title game?

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This Mizzou fan agrees.  While I expected the defenses to be better, they are even better than advertised.  And the attrition factor is making the importance of quality depth very apparent given all the injuries Mizzou has experienced on the offensive line.  If I'm attempting to pull a silver lining from the season so far, it's that Mizzou's defense is playing a lot better than most fans expected.  Though its given up some points, the defense has often been hit with horrible field position (due to turnovers in Georgia game & ridiculously bad special teams play in USC game) and being on the field A LOT due to how poorly the offense has performed.  Which winds back to the depth issue.  Hopefully the Mizzou coaches are hitting the recruiting trail hard for the trenches guys ... which will likely include trying to fill Sheldon Richardson's shoes since it's starting to look like he may not be coming back next year.

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It's too early to tell if there is more wrong with Mizzou than SEC competition.  Obviously playing 2 of the top SEC teams--who may be even better than people already thought at the start of the season--has a lot to do with the 0-2 conference start.  If Mizzou beats UCF on the road and takes care of Vandy at home, then you chalk up the Georgia & USC games to just playing superior competition and move on.  But if Mizzou tanks in the next 2 games, then there are additional problems.  I'm a little worried about this team due to the lack of fight and zero sense of urgency in the 2nd half of the USC game.  And I'm NOT suggesting Mizzou would have won that game if they'd only played harder--so no flames, please.  Only saying that I expect to see more grit from Mizzou even when facing a superior opponent--that includes the coaching staff.  If the team only goes through the motions at UCF, then there are big problems.   (Disclosure:  Mizzou alum & season ticket holder)

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