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"Next, is marriage a right?  The answer to this is almost immediately no, because it involves consent from another party.  If I can’t find someone who will agree to marry me, I cannot get married.   If it were a right, I could exercise it without permission from someone else.  Saying that marriage is a right, for the person who hasn’t found an agreeable spouse, is like saying we have a right to buy a time machine.  It’s nonsensical.  You can’t have a right to do something that can’t be done." You mixed up individual rights with general rights! If marriage is not a right in general, how can two parties be allowed to enter into it as an agreement? Marriage can be seen as a right to form an association as much as it can be seen as an extension of religion, the latter of which is also a right and covers Christianity, paganism, and even atheism. As a rite of belief, it is a right. As a rite of association, it is a right that both parties can enter into to suit their purposes. As a right, and especially as one that does not cause damages, it must not be regulated with such scrutiny as what the government does now by way of defining it, as that is an encumbrance on liberty.

2 years, 7 months ago on Why is Gay Marriage Like a Dodge Durango?