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WoW Hats off to you guys this will change the way we live . thank you . why dont you make a software that allows you to set-up a full year of settings  like from the A/C settings to change as the year changes . and maybe set-up a small door  that will have a sensor linked to it so when your dog walks up to it  the dog owner would get a text  that the dog wants to go outside  to use its restroom .lol and the door could work both ways and maybe with a small digital frame with a built-in webcam and audio  in it . so that that dog owner can see the dog at the doggy door and even talk to the dog .  haa haa dog lovers would love that . . same webcam  and audio system can be at the front door of the home or a business .  wow its really endless what you can do with a internet connection and a cell phone these days . think about building a delux  options extras like a electric insent oil heating system so you can set some aroma theropy to the home . maybe with a few different sents to pick on how your day went and a nice smelling home to walk into would be great . and yeah a music system linked with wireless speakers and room controls . a home owner can feel like they walked into a spa after rush hour and working all day . maybe even run a bath with a motorized water system that can be set to run for a few mins to fill a tub . lol i think to much . hey here is one that i been thinking  you know how everybody loves taking out the trash right .lol how bout putting the outside trash cans on a pully system motorized and set to take the trash out to the sidewalk and at the end of it a red switch that the trashman can flick after he dumps your trash so the cans would be sent back to the side of the house . hehehee no more forgeting to take the trash out . oh and maybe a vacum operated kitchen trash system that works like the banks capsuls to send money  to the tellers . this could be a one way trash dispencer . . ok thats a lil much ideas . anyways good luck with your gadgit . sound real kool .  

2 years, 8 months ago on SmartThings Raises $85K in One Day to Combine Mundane Objects with the Cloud