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i love your blog and you inspire me.  i have severely cut back on plastic, and were moving toward 100%


i realize that burning man (the actual burning of a huge edifice) is fascinating and wonderful to watch--just as bonfires were in the past. (bonfires were prunings farmers gathered into huge piles)  have you noticed that farmers no longer burn these?

for good reason.  now we know better.

besides the useless carbon release and its contribution to global warming,  we have learned that the smoke of burning is harmful to our respiratory system.  the tiniest of soot particulates escape our respiratory defenses and lodge deep in our lungs.  thesew have also been linked to heart attacks and strokes, since they form unstable plaques in arteries.  check the peer reviewed medical research.

keep the burning man gathering.

dump the burn.

2 years, 8 months ago on My Plastic-Free Burning Man Adventure