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  • Name  - Susan McPherson
  • Company or organization  McPherson Strategies
  • Industry Communications/Marketing
  • One-sentence description of why this person is fearless and how he or she is changing the world.  Susan has spent her entire professional career focusing on the intersection between business and social good, pushing corporations to dramatically enhance their responsibility to their communities, employees and the broader-world, while serving on multiple nonprofit boards working to enhance the lives of girls and women globally

1 year, 5 months ago on Introducing the Fearless Minds Awards: Call for Nominations


 @ryanevans  @PhilipNowak Thanks Ryan! : ) I think our point is not that a general conversation about business models is uninteresting or unimportant, but that it can be stifling and uninteresting in certain contexts. Not every technology innovation is meant to be a business and if every college student and hacker building something new had to run every idea through the "can this generate revenue?" test, they wouldn't pursue those ideas, we would never see them and innovation would slow down. In addition, in the context of most of the companies presenting at NY Tech Meetup, out of all the questions that could be asked of them, a question about their business model is often the least interesting. If you were to craft a short list of well-known business models, in all likelihood they are probably using one of them. 

2 years, 7 months ago on The Dreaded Business Model Question and Why Now May Be the Time to Ask It