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Jim Pratt is way off base.  The right to work is nothing about whites being forced into black organizations or visa-versa. What hole do you live in? Have you read the Right to Work legislation/law that passed? The connection was done so that not only visitors but all people outside Michigan, that might want to move here, know about it. All the states that have voted in Right To Work, have done the same. There is nothing, not one thing, in this new work law that infringes on anyone. The whole concept that it does is bais crap from the unions and their bosses, and the left.  If you don't want to pay dues, you don't have to, if you want to, you CAN. Period. Right to Work protects EVERYONE's right.  It isn't anti-union. Get off your ignorant high horse and get some common sense. My son just quit his union, is not paying dues right now. In the last 8 yrs they have done NOTHING for him, but collected $2000 a yr from him. If a better union representation comes along, he'll join again. But thank God he can opt out w/o penalty. He's a single dad, w/3 teens, and that $2000 will go a long way meanwhile. You're sadly misinformed. Do the homework, get your facts straight.  While you're at it, ask the union people this, and ask them to be they mind (& do they know) that the union bosses only put about 26% of the collected total dues back into their needs? The other 74% goes to THEM, the BOSSES....their style of living, their needs, their boats, cars, vacations, etc. Be honest, Jim, the unions are not what they were originally intended to be. We needed them. We've gotten a lot of good job rules w/the help of the unions. But, they are not that anymore. They are greedy &narrow minded.

2 years, 2 months ago on The I-500 Race Returns to Sault Ste. Marie


The Mac Bridge plate is 10 times better than the one we're using now!!  When the contest for a new plate was done a few yrs back, the one they chose (what we have now) was so small in detail, you can't make out what it even is. Couldn't believe they chose that one.

2 years, 8 months ago on New Pure Michigan License Plates Unveiled