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i love the riverfront and downtown, and Greek town... just so much do to and see it is hard to choose just one thing..i have soooo many more... and visiting famlly... Detroit is a Michigan icon and mecca for the auto industry... it is a hub of life and reminder of strength and a can do attitude as it comes back time and again from seeming breaking point..and never quits!!!  Yea Detroit... know for your diversity and rising to all challenges...

2 years, 5 months ago on Hear Kid Rock’s Song “Detroit, Michigan” Exclusively on (Plus a Giveaway!)


i love the new Bridge plate, i am hoping to have a car by the time they come out and that is definitely going to be my new plate...can we personalize them with our own numbers/words????? love them both, and i too love that they incorporate the Pure Michigan logo, been telling my husband for years we need more advertisement for Michigan as a resort state and for it's natural beauty, the water, etc... and all the other things we have to offer here... can't wait till the new plates come out..

2 years, 8 months ago on New Pure Michigan License Plates Unveiled