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Creating and optimising business page is the first step, but second and no less important is finding your potential clients among million users.How to find that targeted clients?


Many companies suggest services such as getting Facebook Likes and many newcomers don't realise that collecting Likes does not mean that your product will be sold.


In this post it is described how to create business page step by step, also promoting needs to be done step by step. Of course it does not hurt to get some amount of Likes, but also page owner must interact with his audience every day. Thanks auther for description and I'd like to read one day a post how to interact step by step.

2 years, 6 months ago on 10 Steps for Creating Your Business’s Facebook Page


There are tones of posts where it's repeated every time "Write interesting things to interest audience and people will follow you". This is the first post I have read where author tried thoroughly  explain  in which way it is better to send information to the reader.


But of course it is impossible interest every person in social media sphere as there gathered all kind of people exist in the world who have higher education, secondary education and has no education at all.

2 years, 6 months ago on Six Tips to Clear and Effective Communication