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Great post @HathawayP  - thanks for sharing!


"We have reformed, we have rebuilt, but we are still being shunned by Google." - It sounds harsh but maybe Google has its own sentencing guidelines.


As an offline example, if you drive a car under the influence of aclohol then you get a ban for 2 years, have to declare it to your insurance company for 5 years and it remains on your driving licence for 10 years.


I'm sure after the 2 year ban, these drink drivers will have reformed but are still discriminated against.


Are Google taking the law into their own hands? Maybe so; but one could argue that they ARE the online law...


What's really unfortunate though is that it seems like you were the passenger in the vehicle and wasn't aware that the driver had been drinking. (Your outsourced SEO company being the driver). Now I don't know what the law is about travelling in a vehicle where the driver is under the influence, but I'm sure that the sentence wouldn't be anywhere near as harsh as the 'punishment' you're receiving at the moment from Google.


Like you say, Google are limiting the amount of good content available to the user by penalising yours which is disappointing to hear.


Maybe they should be penalised for assisting an offender?


Thanks for the post.



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