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Erin, awesome blog post!  I often feel like I'm from Mars when I tell people that we help manufacturers get rid of their fax machines.  We're so convinced that B2B ecommerce's day is upon us that when we formed our company almost 5 years ago we called it B2B 2dot0 (be two be two dot zero).  This year we're going to help our clients process over $500M worth of B2B orders via the web and have it integrated in real time with their back office systems.  What's different today than 10 years ago?  Two things.  The cloud and the expectations set by B2C (mobile, social, free shipping etc.).


Let the good times roll!


Thanks for a great blog post.  I'm going to make sure that everyone in my network reads it!






2 years, 8 months ago on What Ever Happened to the Promise of B2B Ecommerce?