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@CelestesTreasures It's pretty common here in the UK too - often Molton Brown - although we do still have far too many single servings too!

2 years, 6 months ago on Luxury Hotel Says No to Single-Sized Shampoo Bottles


Never been to Burning Man, but been to a few Glastonbury's/Womad's etc. My plastic free advice is that many people have 'wet wipe baths' at festivals. The wipes are usually full of chemicals, made of something dodgy and of course, wrapped in plastic.


I take a flannel and a small bowl to fill with water (tupperware in the past - oops!) and have a flannel bath. It makes the festival esperience so much more comfortable to start the day a little cleaner than the average.


Also, not really plastic advice, but at  (good) British festivals, the food is usually amazing, but I do miss fresh foods (most tends to be cooked, eg falafel etc) so I take fresh food that will last unrefridgerated: cucumbers, oranges, avocado. Makes a difference.


And finally, Glastonbury is brilliant for plastic free. They make all food providers use paper, bamboo etc. And they aim to compost and recycle everything. Worth having a look at their website. Of course, Burning Man could be the same for all I know...


Have fun!

2 years, 7 months ago on My Plastic-Free Burning Man Adventure


For the last couple of weeks I have been using coconut oil only for deoderant. Even I can't believe is works, but it does. It is supposedly anti-bacterial.


The first few days it worked ok , but after that it was great. Maybe it needed a few days to detox or something like that. All I did when the smellies struck at midday was smear a little more coconut oil under my pits and the smell went. Now it lasts all day.


And into the bargin, I use it for brushing teeth, and has a mild sun protection factor (anything from 4-10 SPF), which has been fine for my semi-mediteranean skin tone in this anything but mediteranean English Summer. Oh, and I also use it to condition my hair, as a make-up remover, hot oil cleanser, turning my mineral face powder to a cream foundation, even polished my shoes in an emergency, oh yes, and I eat it quite a bit too...


For extra yum, I've sunk half a vanilla pod into the jar, so it smells amazing.

2 years, 8 months ago on Great Big Plastic-Free, Non-Toxic Deodorant Review