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are you sure it's not plastic left there by the researchers?

2 years, 4 months ago on Plastics Have Reached the Final ‘Away’: the Arctic


Microsoft is messing up in a huge way with Windows 8. Rather than offering the "metro tile" UI as an option they are forcing it on people. Alot of people like to stick to Windows only because they are famiiar, every version they make small changes that irritates people, but the changes are small enough to be tolerable. Now why would people want to stick with an operating system that is nothing like the Windows brand? I know my customers that I put machines together for would rathe rtake the time to learn a free OS like Linux uBuntu than have to learn a whole new OS they have to pay for or just stick with an older version as long  as they can.

Microsoft needs to catch a f******n wake up and realise people ( barr mindless apple followers ) don't like to be told how and what they can do with their stuff.

All I can say is you're gonna see an decrease in market share of Microsoft products and an increase in Linux especially since such good inprovements are being made in Linux and the fact not only the OS is free but even the Office software can be found for free ( legally )

People have only been paying for Microsoft Windows because it's what they are familiar with, but now they are being FORCED to a whole new OS.

2 years, 8 months ago on Windows 8: The New Standard or Microsoft's Downfall?