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Lewis was not nor was he going to be in the two deep.  Good prospect but a likely RS candidate.

2 years ago on Two UT Freshmen Out For The Season; Dooley Thinks Vols Can Handle Adversity


The details about Rogers aren't a problem.  No one knows for sure.  "Insiders" are reporting all sorts of things.


The problem I have if I do is that you call Dooley out.  That seems like unnecessary piling on.  He's on a notable hotseat according to you folks in the media.  He needs credibility especially with recruits and their parents.  This same story could have been written about Spurrier, MeyerX1000, Muschamp, Saban, RichtX100,000.... but you you wrote it about Dooley.  That has the stench of an agenda to it.

2 years ago on Let's Stop Praising Coaches For Simply Following School Drug Policies


It is almost certain that Bourque was told that he would get a chance to play.  It is equally likely that hearing what he wanted to hear... he assumed that was a promise that he would play.  He was likely told that UT had no starter at RB.  They didn't.  He likely heard, "We want you to come in and be the starter".Some of the practice video released showed the RB"s doing a drill.  Bourque was notably slower and less agile than the rest of the RB's to include the walk ons.Maybe the coaches already saw that the kid was not going to cut it at RB?  Maybe they asked him to look at a different position?

Maybe they just flat out lied telling him that he would be the starter from day 1.  Doubtful but possible.

2 years, 1 month ago on RB Bourque Leaves UT Over “Broken Promises”