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& Resonater just proves why we'd want NCSU instead of UNC, is the whole "little brother" mantra something you kinds of pricks seriously hang your hats on, how sad actually. UNC is an "East Coast" school with all the elitist pig, false bravado & blinding arrogance anyone could want. The SEC has the best culture, by far, of any of the conferences & 10 of the 14 schools are land grant schools, don't think that doesn't play a role. NCSU is a SEC school at heart, as is Virginia Tech, this means something, I take both of those schools in a heartbeat then flip the proverbial bird to the rest of the country & we can play ball in our real southern conference, not a southern conference mixed with some east coast elitist pigs.

2 years, 8 months ago on Virginia Tech And NC State To The SEC? Prepare For Some Political Battles