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Don't forget Madison's Report of 1800, a couple of years later, in which he expanded upon his earlier resolution, and explicitly stated that the Supreme Court is susceptible to corruption and power-grabbing, just like the other branches.


And hey, TenthAmendment Center: I'm going to keep telling you this until you get off it and get a decent comment system: I *STILL* can't log in using my Firefox browser. I got it working in Chrome and Safari, but still no go with Firefox. The login window pops up then instantly goes away. Even with all script blockers and everything like that turned off.


AND... this is also an important point: for a site that is supposed to love freedom and privacy, it sure does host a lot of scripts that track users! According to my Do Not Track application, you have NO LESS THAN 11 DIFFERENT TRACKERS on this site. They are:


1. Twitter Badge


2. Facebook Connect


3. Google "+1"


4. LinkedIn


5. Hellobar


6. AddThis


7. ShareThis


8. Google Analytics


9. GetSatisfaction


10. Quantcast


11. Comscore Beacon.


Don't let anybody tell you that these scripts don't track users: they do. I am a professional web developer, I have used many of them myself, and I know exactly how they work. (I should qualify that: I do not use them unless a client expressly asks for them, and even then I try to talk them out of it.)



1 year, 8 months ago on Nullification in One Lesson


You should be made aware of a couple of things:


First, the Washington State webpage for emailing State legislators does not allow you to send emails to senators or representatives unless your address is in their district. So contacting committee members DOES NOT WORK if you go through the usual procedure, unless your particular rep. is on the committee. I ran into this issue when the previous Washington State bill (HB 1168) was mentioned here. So if you want to contact the committee members you need to come up with an alternative scheme.


Second, TenthAmendment Center's "livefyre" comment login system does not work worth a darn. It would not work for me at all in either Firefox or Chrome browsers. I use a script blocker in Firefox but even with it turned off, the login system would not work. I have no script blocker in Chrome but that did not work either. When you click "Sign In", using either browser, a login window pops up then immediately disappears. I have sent feedback to your organization about this issue before.


I finally managed to log in using Safari. But keep in mind that Firefox and Chrome together are used by a pretty good percentage of your readership... far more than Safari users. I would not be surprised if that were a major reason why I have not been seeing as many comments lately.



1 year, 8 months ago on Washington State Considers Firearms Freedom Act – Tenth Amendment Center Blog


I'm not putting down religion. But I would like to explain why I believe introducing it into your argument is a big mistake.


Throwing religion into the mix does 2 things:


First, it gives people the impression (correct or not) that you are relying on faith rather than logic to put forth your argument. If you are trying to make a logical or factual argument, then, your argument is often weakened in the eyes of your audience, even if it is still logically sound.


Second, it gives fuel to your opponents. Because now they can claim (rightly or wrongly) that you are a "right-wing religious nutcase" and so nobody should listen to the stuff that you spew.


So, to sum it up: I'm not saying there is anything wrong with your belief or your expression of it. But from the standpoint of STRATEGY, I would thank you very much to stop spoon-feeding talking points and sound bites to our opponents.


2 years, 2 months ago on Name Calling and "Tenther Nullification Nonsense" in Arizona


This is a good summary of the nullification concept, but you weaken it when you try to use religion to justify it. That was completely unwarranted, unwanted, and unappreciated.


Take a lesson from Jefferson, and leave your religion at home.


Other than that, it was an excellent article.


2 years, 2 months ago on Name Calling and "Tenther Nullification Nonsense" in Arizona