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@converted 1981 @EdThomas@RxDawg Last season alone, the conference Championship games would not have been included in the 8 team playoff format. Texas was unranked vs #6 Baylor and  Arizona State was ranked 16th when they played in the PAC 12 Championship vs. Stanford. 

Ohio State was 7th, and might have played their way into it with a victory over Mich. State, but they didn't and forget about #22 Duke winning their conference game and making the top 4 team list. 

The conference Championship games can, and should be used as a strength of schedule builder, but the victor certainly isn't guaranteed entry into the playoff. Leaving your argument void.

6 months, 4 weeks ago on Playoff Expansion Talk


As an Auburn fan, and a charter member of the SEC, I can tell you this; the first time Alabama is left out at 5th or 6th, the lineup will change within two seasons. 

Seriously, the new CFP Television commercial already includes the 8 team model graph. It's coming.

7 months ago on Playoff Expansion Talk


That is the best news coming out of a college player in years. I agree with him and his family. Get healthy, then go live your dreams.

2 years, 3 months ago on Report: Ex-LSU Star Mathieu Skipping Football For Rehab