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How come when someone offers an intelligent reply with  legitimate points of view, (we will put aside the ESPN question for the moment and just assume you have no answer), instead of refuting the points (or trying) the best you can do is reply with a tired ghetto catch phrase?


I congratulate you Steve - your simple, 7th grade level response is the perfect personification of everything wrong with your website and its business. I couldnt ask for a better example.Of course, I cant help but recall the line "better to keep your mouth shut and let them think you are stupid than  open it and prove it".


Next time say nothing - or at least ask your 7th grade son for something more contextually relevant....

2 years ago on Understanding Turner's Acquisition Of Bleacher Report


I dont understand this at all:


1. The B/R model is the online equivalent of a sweat shop.


2. The minute Google changes their algorithm to the detriment of BR their traffic will nose dive.


3. No serious brand will pay a premium CPM to advertise on a website full of amateur unpaid writer incentivized to gin up page views for $$.


4, Where does this notion that ESPN is vulnerable on the portal side come from? They dominate in all stats that matter there....and no real #2 has ever emerged.


5.. This is the greater fool theory - a desperate media company with deep pockets and piss poor advisors (or none at all) buys something it does not understand. I will bet you dont see any BR involvement here in 18 months....

2 years ago on Understanding Turner's Acquisition Of Bleacher Report