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Get your facts right. She is nowhere close to the 4th fastest 100m hurdler. Try 21st. Her 4th place time was her personal best. Which in short means, she didn't stand a chance.  Also, regarding Harper and Wells, how can one "lash out" with "subtle digs"? Those are big words that cancel each other out. Someone needs to review their Strunk and White.


I saw the Wells / Harper interview with Beadle. There was no drama except imagined. No "tension you could cut with a knife" as Beadle states. Pure conjecture. Harper told the truth. The press chose to still highlight Jones instead of a Gold medal winner. Harper never indicted Jones but instead the media. Who wouldn't be upset in those circumstances. The fact she said so make her far more straight up and real than a woman who plays the virgin / Christian card then trades in on her sexuality. That's a brazen opportunist in any language. 

2 years, 8 months ago on Lolo Jones vs The World