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Yes, resisting alone is foolish. But that's not what has the feddies scared. It's neighborhoods, clubs, friends, church groups, getting together and standing up to tyranny, as one force. No SWAT team is going to run over a crowd of armed citizens unless they want to instigate a true insurrection, like what's happening in Syria. And blithely shooting up your own citizenry will invite "foreign powers" to intervene, for the "rebels/protestors/etc." sake. Trust me, they're itching to do so after the years of American intervention worldwide. So if an unConstitutional "disarmament" happens, grab your neighbors/friends/coworkers/family/enemies/whoever is armed and roadblock your neighborhood. With 25, 50, 100 fully armed citizens staring them down, the cowards will back off. Remember, the police are concerned primarily with "officer safety" nowadays -- they won't even take on a lone armed wacko. They just cordon off the area and wait until the damage is done, then rush in all heroic-like to find they are, as usual, too late to the party to be helpful. You really think these guys/gals who, when fully armed to the teeth, won't even confront a lone gunman, will engage in a protracted firefight with an overwhelming number of well-armed citizens? Won't happen. Especially when they look in the crowd and see their friends, neighbors, and family aiming at their heart.

2 years, 8 months ago on Don't go down shooting. Nullify!