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On a different note, while the spirit of the ACA is admirable, the funding contingencies run a noteworthy liability. The magic $200k / $250k income thresholds present a significant threat to small business owners given the current tax codes. A small business owner must report all net income for the business in his or her personal tax returns. There is no way to distinguish between what he or she will keep as pay vs. keep in the business's accounts for maintenance, hiring or other expansion.


T.his means that income tax will be paid on the business's money and that owner will be liable for more insurance cost than they can necessarily afford. For example; my business earns $200k, I pay myself $100k and put the rest back. This is not allowed to happen and prevents the business from saving and makes me liable for more than I can afford as assumed by the ACA

2 years, 8 months ago on Medicaid: The Court Got it Right