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Best episode of the season so far! 9.5/10! Loved more of Danny, the eeriness of the creature on the bed, Clara's importance, etc, etc. One thing for sure, that rhyme's never gonna leave me: 

"What's that in the mirror, or in the corner of your eye? What's that footstep following, but never passing by? What if they're just waiting, what if when we're all dead, out they'll come-a slithering from underneath the bed?" 

Zoinks, Scoob!

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@DWTV So for the season: Listen > DB > ITD > ROS?

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@The Listening Cat Isn't that the one where they couldn't show the monsters in the trailer 'cause it was too creepy?

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@Frank the Bunny Here's mine: 

1. Series 7: "The Crimson Horror" (9/10)

2. 50th Sp: "An Adventure in Space and Time" (9/10)

3. Series 7: "Cold War" (8/10)

4. Series 8: "Robot of Sherwood" (8/10)

5. Series 1: "The Unquiet Dead" (7/10)

6. Series 5: "Victory of the Daleks" (7/10)

7. Series 6: "Night Terrors" (5/10)

8. Series 2: "The Idiot's Lantern" (4/10)

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@Ollie Walton Harrod I agree with the rest, but the first can be explained by a not-too clear explanation: The Doctor technologically tampered with his motion control arrow, so he used the Sonic to blow it up.

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Gave it an 8, pretty good. It was a fun romp, as was meant to be. And now that the not plotline-important historical ("The Unquiet Dead," "The Idiot's Lantern," "The Shakespeare Code," "The Unicorn and the Wasp," "Vincent and the Doctor," "The Curse of the Black Spot," "Night Terrors," "A Town Called Mercy," "Cold War") is over with, here comes more of the fantastic dark streak begun by the first two brilliant episodes!

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@JamesSkippins Clara doesn't mind them. Does that seem like a problem to you?

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@Ivegotkidneys is in a Dalek Impressive to see someone else not hating on Evolution. Here's my list: 

1. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways 10/10

Best series ender, though Pandorica and Name give it a fair fight. Chris Eccleston was an amazing Doctor and it really sucks he didn't last for longer. This was also back in the time when a Dalek army felt fresh. 

2. Dalek 9.5/10

One Dalek: lots of death. Until now, Steven Moffat didn't seem to understand that much. Again, great Chris Eccleston performance and it was interesting to see a Dalek put in an emotional light. Adam is an annoying a** though so that takes it down some. 

3. The Stolen Earth/Journey's End 9/10 

Another great series finale, I love it much more than other people do apparently. Donna leaving was heart-wrenching, and so was the Doctor's shattered reaction. All the crossovers were nice and helped firmly establish them as part of the RTD Whoniverse. Seeing Davros again was the peak of the episode though. Julian Bleach is brilliant. What lowers it is the whole Rose thing. The best part of Doomsday totally evaporated.

4. Into the Dalek 9/10

Fear factor. Nice. After years of "Oh, yawn, a Dalek. Yikes, a Silent!" we finally got an episode that truly made the Daleks scary. And though Dalek is ultimately 0.5 points better, this story does the emotional Dalek adventure better. I actually like Rusty (yay me), and the peek into the soul of the Doctor was cry-worthy and gasp-worthy. This episode also earns the prize of best dialouge in Doctor Who for 2011-2014. 

5. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday 7/10 

A bit of a leap downwards, Rose and the Doctor's relationship is at its best in this episode, it gave us Torchwood (which I love), and the Daleks were threatening. However, I hate hate HATE how the Daleks were shown as so unfairly superior to the Cybermen in this episode. I mean, come on! The Cybermen have gotten a shafting in the new series. After being such frightening foes in the classic, things such as this and the ending of Closing Time just proves that everyone (except Steven Moffat) hates the Cybermen! Sheesh. 

6. Asylum of the Daleks 7/10 

By the way, we're gonna be in a range of 7/10s for a while here, so stick with me. "Asylum" is a good Dalek story and all. It was cool to see Skaro, the puppets were nasty, and while the Amy and Rory thing comes out of nowhere it is resolved well. It's just the absolute waste of the classic Daleks they advertised so well. All I saw were mere cameos of the First Doctor Daleks and the Special Weapons Dalek, who didn't even blow anything up! 

7. Daleks in Manhatten/Evolution of the Daleks 7/10 

The most-hated Dalek episode in history, I think. I actually enjoy it. The pig henchmen are so outlandish they're fun, the big climax is fun, and the human Dalek hybrid is super creepy. There are some major problems though, and I'm pretty sure everyone who's seen it doesn't need to go through them again. 

8. Victory of the Daleks 6.5/10 

Everyone's least favorite, and yet: I still like it. Sure, the Power Ranger Daleks are gross and anyone who's anyone's tired of the "power of love" saving the day, but the characters are the heart of this one. The Doctor shows raw anger at the Daleks. Amy saves the day. Churchill is hilarious, and Bracewell is the most likeable Who robot this side of K9. 

Pandorica Opens/Big Bang don't count, right? I mean, the Daleks are the most shown villains in the episode but they're not techincally the main ones.

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@BringBackTenantnRose "Interesting post" AKA one that matches my opinion.

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@LeeBeing Down with the plague.

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- The Doctor & Clara: 

Having a companion unsure of her Doctor but still obviously loving him is truly fabulous, and both Peter and Jenna are playing to their vast strengths this season. Great dialouge between them! 

- The Setting: 

A little familiar to other space/BBC sets adventures, but things are bound to feel a mite like that after 50 years. It was atmospheric and fit the episode well.

 - The Monsters: 

Ahh, the Daleks. The most utilized monsters in the history of Sci-Fi. They were actually particularly good in this one, with just Rusty and less army of Daleks (though it was nice to see some ACTUAL extermination) being a great pick. Rusty is my favorite Dalek in terms of personality ever, unless the Doctor counts, but he's more Capaldi-shaped and less pepper pot + egg beater and plunger. 

 - Supporting Characters: 

I liked both Journey and the short-lived Gretchen, one being having a hard shell and yet a soft center and the other being very, very human in her sacrifice. I'll sacrifice myself, but i'm not gonna be wasteful doing it am I? The rest of the soldiers were soldier-y and fit the bill. Liking Danny Pink so far, I here he's going to have an important role in Episode 4, looking forward to it!

 - The Story: 

The Only Good Dalek. Certainly the best story in a Dalek...story possibly in the revived series (though Bad Wolf still holds up), being very heartfelt and heart-pumping at once. 

 - The CGI & The Music: 

Only reason I put these together is I have the exact same three words to say for each of them: Fantastic (re-read that and imagine it in a Chris Eccleston voice) as always.

 - Final Vote: 

9/10. Though some of the background bites a bit, it was so refreshing to watch a fresh Dalek story after so many years. After the absence, Phil Ford has so far probably the best consistent record in Doctor Who, not having written a single bad story (even in the Adventure Games).

 - Standout Epic Moment: 

Dalek vs Daleks. And the former winning. The absolute annihilation of the Daleks by the only thing they wouldn't expect to hate them not only blew them out of the water, but up too.

 - Standout Funny Moment: 

The previously mentioned Doctor + Clara dialogue. Some of the most fantastic writing in a Who in a long while. "She cares so I don't have to." "Do I really not pay you?"

 - Standout Tearjerker: 

"I see into your soul, Doctor. I see beauty. I see divinity. I see....hatred." Poor guy. Not only has he lived for 2000+ years, over a thousand of those being at war, but he's apparently not a good man. For the first time, the Doctor didn't win.

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@Mikeyboss182 Before this story, I thought Clara was an extremely boring character, existing for the sole use of being a plot device. Some scenes stood out ("I Am a Ghost"), but mostly I though Mrs. Oswald overall was poor. Then this episode comes along. Now I feel the opposite. Mostly thanks to Jenna.

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Okay, here it is now: 

12. The Twin Dilemma (1/10)

11. Time and the Rani (5/10)

10. Castrovalva (6/10)

09. An Unearthly Child (7/10)

08. Rose (7/10)

07. Robot (7/10)

06. Doctor Who (8/10)

05. The Power of the Daleks (8/10)

04. The Christmas Invasion (8/10)

03. Spearhead from Space (9/10)

02. Deep Breath (9/10)

01. The Eleventh Hour (10/10) 

Does "The Day of the Doctor" count as a post-regeneration story? It was technically the first story to feature the War Doctor following his regeneration.

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@WelshWhovian Does "The Day of the Doctor" count?

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Pretty brill, I have to say: 

- The Doctor & Clara: 

So far I love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, and it's nice to see Clara being less of an "insert-companion-here" and more of a nice humany-wumany person. 

 - The Setting: 

Vastra, Jenny, and Strax didn't add much to the story save some familiarity, but the Victorian London setting worked very well in sort of a gothic-type atmosphere. 

 - The Monsters: 

It was awesome having the dinosaur not be dangerous, but in fact a friendly type. Why do the Doctor's favorite dinosaurs always have to die? :( The Half-Faced Man was also awesome, and the return of the Clockwork Droids has to be one of my favorite things Moffat's done in his works. Though TGITF was a great episode, i'd always thought the villains were underutilized. 

 - The TARDIS: 

Sexy! (No, no...just when we're alone) 

 - The Story: 

Pretty good. It was a nice mix of the basic and the...uh, not-so-basic. I enjoyed the preview of "Missy" and the idea of the slaughterhouse. Though the story overall was not utterly fantastic, I enjoyed it more being more focused on our new Capaldi than the norm. 

 - The CGI & The Music: 

Only reason I put these together is I have the exact same three words to say for each of them: Fantastic (re-read that and imagine it in a Chris Eccleston voice) as always.

 - Final Vote: 

9/10. The return of Doctor Who did not dissapoint, and it's glad to see Moffat can still write masterpieces in under 90 minutes (still getting over the Time of the Doctor). 

 - Standout Epic Moment: 

The Doctor escaping the house. The whole chain of the climbing out the window, sonicing out the horse for himself, and riding it just to stand over the flames was pure awesomeness.

 - Standout Funny Moment: 

This episode I found Strax's humor kind-of same ol', same ol', but I will say I did start laughing hard when he rumbled to the ground after Vastra and Jenny's graceful entrance.

 - Standout Tearjerker: 

Matt's cameo. It was lovely to see my favorite Doctor one last time. If Matt says that he and Capaldi are the same man, then damn they are!

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Great list! I'll make my own list after Deep Breath later tonight.

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Basically "Mummy on the Orient Express" is confirmed to continue on from the end of "The Big Bang," then! Funny, I always thought that'd be a great episode plotline. Plus...."In the Forest of the Night?" Anyone else thinking possible Vashta Nevada or Krynoids?

2 months ago on Moffat Previews Series 8 in Radio Times


Anyone else getting a big past episode tribute vibe from the series? Deep Breath, Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express, and In the Forest of the Night....Yay...

2 months ago on Moffat Previews Series 8 in Radio Times


@Clara Laurinda @IceDaleks Thinking Krynoids in ITFOTN and Clockwork Droids in DB.

2 months ago on Moffat Previews Series 8 in Radio Times


@Undiscovered Adventure Either "Deep Breath" or "Kill the Moon." DB sounds fantastic with its T-Rex in London, possible Clockwork Droids, and more Victorian London (a setting in three of my favorite Series 7 episodes)! For, KTM, that title, spider tease, and rumor of returning to a classic location....DAYUNG!

2 months ago on Moffat Previews Series 8 in Radio Times


@DWTV I'm gonna miss that S.

2 months ago on Series 8: All Titles Revealed


1. Deep Breath 

75 minutes of NuWho kicking back up the new series sounds amazing! Not to mention the introduction of Capaldi, Jack the Rrrripper, the Paternoster Gang, and the T-Rex. 

2. Listen 

I loved almost all of Moffat's work (save The Beast Below & The Time of the Doctor, which are both still good), and the prospect of no CGI, a small guest cast, and Doctor down-time sounds great.

 3. Into the Dalek 

Phil Ford's a great writer, having The Waters of Mars and The Adventure Games under his belt, so him writing a Dalek episode that has great writing and an intriguing plotline has me excited. 

 4. The Caretaker 

Gareth Roberts has written two of my favorite comedic episodes in NuWho (The Lodger & The Unicorn and the Wasp), plus, ROBOT! 

 5. Robot of Sherwood 

Normally Mark's work hasn't been exactly my cup of tea, but his works of recent (Sherlock, Crimson Horror) have been superior. And I like Robin Hood and robots. 

 6. Time Heist 

The only Series 8 episode i'm not really looking forward to. With Mrs. Delphox and the Minotaur monster having been stolen from Partners in Crime and the God Complex, plus Steve Thompson's terrible Who track record, I have a hard time looking forward to this.

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Okay, 9 out of 10 right.

2 months, 1 week ago on Series 8: All Titles Revealed


My ratings: 

- The Name of the Doctor: 9/10 

A great finale with a sastisfying conclusion to the Impossible Girl arc and a shocking cliffhanger. 

 - The Night of the Doctor: 10/10 

Though there isn't much to grade it by, every second of this wonderful short was magestic. 

 - The Day of the Doctor: 10/10 

The bang Doctor Who deserved for 50 Years. A secret incarnation, UNIT, Queen Liz, Daleks, Zygons, and no....all thirteen! 

 - The Time of the Doctor: 7/10 

A mixed ending for Matt Smith. The closing of the arcs and the gaining of the Doc's new regenerations was clever, and it has my favorite regeneration scene of all time, but the rest is just sorta so-so. 

Overall Score: 36/40 

Thanks for the awesome series, John! Do you think you could perhaps do Series 8 in the future?

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That looks epic!

2 months, 1 week ago on The Series 8 Title Sequence


@Strontium Well, i've always thought that the titles were simply there for the 50th Anniversary.

2 months, 1 week ago on The Series 8 Title Sequence


@ Notsosmartguy the dalek of Jersey @Gustaff Some were less blockbusters, and more sort of based off of beloved-type movies. Mercy, Cold War, Hide, and Crimson Horror are good examples of these. 

And while some had a big scope, they weren't really blockbusters: The Snowmen, Angels Take Manhatten, Journey to the Center of the TARDIS, and The Name of the Doctor. 

The only ones really deserving to be called "blockbusters" are: 

 - Asylum of the Daleks: 

Massive all Daleks all the time = ADAT. 

 - Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Because good-looking dinos in Doctor Who'd have to be epic. If not, Invasion of the Dinosaurs would be the only example. No...just, no...

 - Bells of St. John 

The setting really gave a feeling of umph. Plus, the vehicle-parts of the adventure are geekiness-explosion awesome.

 - The Rings of Akhaten 

While I may not be a big fan of the story, it did give the impression of a scaling summer movie with a side of Doctor Who heart.

 - The Day of the Doctor 

First fifty years did really end of with a bang consisting of: two (three?) fan-favorite Doctors, a new Doctor, tons of classic guest stars, a super familiar foe and a not-too familiar one, footage of the Time War, more references than a cartoon suitcase, etc, etc. 

And the Power of Three and The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe are not cinematic quality all. The first because, all takes place during downtime on Earth (though it's still a good story), and the latter because everyone I know hates its guts.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Deep Breath: A Recipe for Success


@TheElusiveWhovian Hmmm, fine then. Let's see: 

Rose - 7/10 

New Earth - 6/10 

Smith and Jones - 7.5/10 

Partners in Crime - 8/10 

The Eleventh Hour - 9.5/10 

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon - 10/10 

Asylum of the Daleks - 7/10 

The Bells of St. John (which is not really an opener) - 8.5/10

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Deep Breath: A Recipe for Success


@mrclever @Antee991166 Robot is sadly underrated. A great opening for a great Doctor, and the first Who story I ever watched.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Deep Breath: A Recipe for Success


 I loved Series 7. Sure, there were a few ones I didn't like (Rings, Journey), but the rest were of a high quality multiple other shows simply could not produce. Masterpieces such as A Town Called Mercy, The Angels Take Manhatten, The Day of the Doctor, and, my personal favorite episode of Matt's era, The Snowman. The hate is far from deserved.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Why I Love… Series 7


Wow, around fifteen seconds of (hard to hear thanks to everyone's least-favorite narrator) clips and already two quotable quotes! 

"She cares so I don't have to." 

"A Dalek so damaged it's done good. Morality has misfunctioned, so how could I resist?" 

I don't think i've been so giddy since Doctor Who was on...oh wait.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on BBC News Series 8 Preview Featuring Into the Dalek Clips


This guy is awesome.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Capaldi Doesn’t Expect to be a Heartthrob Doctor


I'm sort of meh about her. She's not amazing, nor terrible. There're only two real times i've actually really liked Clara: 

1. The entirety of "The Snowmen"

I've always loved every bit of this episode. It's my favorite Matt Smith story. 

2. The "I Am a Ghost" scene in "Hide" 

Also the best part of this story. Clara's very relatable, and the scene is beautiful (that music!).

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Popular / Unpopular Opinion: Clara Oswald


Nice work, as usual! Too bad the series'll be over next month. Here are my rankings: 

- The Bells of Saint John - 8.5/10 

A fun start to the series with some cool ideas.

- The Rings of Akhaten - 6/10 

Not a fantastic story but highly brought up by the acting and the music.

- Cold War - 8.5/10 

Atmospheric and a fine re-introduction to a great monster. Viva Las Vegas!

- Hide - 7/10 

Cool and creepy with the forest being a highlight. The end reveal sucked though. 

- Journey to the Center of the TARDIS - 3/10 

A real let-down with terrible plot and guest stars. Best part was the Doctor's confrontation with Clara. 

- The Crimson Horror - 9/10 

Just a bundle of fun. Great guest stars, the Paternoster Gang was wonderful, and the killings were creepy. 

- Nightmare in Silver - 7/10 

Everything Cyber-related was awesome. Everything not Cyber-related was not. 

So, overall, a quite fun series full of fun and cool episodes, with Center of the TARDIS being the only let-down. We've got good things to come soon! 

Final Scores: 47/70

3 months ago on New Who: The Story Thus Far – Series 7 (Part 2)


WARNING! Cliched and over-used comment approaching!


3 months ago on Listen! Series 8 Teaser Trailer


Series 7 is actually one of my favorites (along with 1, 4, & 5), so expect more positivity than for others.

 1.0) The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe - 4.5 

 1.5) Pond Life - 8.5

 2.0) Asylum of the Daleks - 8.5

 3.0) Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - 9

 4.0) A Town Called Mercy - 8.5 

 5.0) The Power of Three - 7.5 

 6.0) The Angels Take Manhatten - 9 

 7.0) The Snowmen - 10 (one of my very favorite episodes of New Who)

3 months ago on New Who: The Story Thus Far – Series 7 (Part 1)


I disliked the rest of the episode, but I LOVE the regeneration scene. It was perfect. Amy's cameo, my favorite Matt speech, Matt being young again...if only the ep was only this scene, then I would love it! But maybe that'd be a bit much, both Eight and Eleven dying in shorts...

3 months ago on Why I Love the 11th Doctor’s Regeneration


@Sephora36 @The Outer Space K9 Hardcore fans think that thing brings some "gravitas" to the show. And it's not just to Doctor Who, comics & TV everywhere has fanboys & fangirls saying: "Yep, this needs some death."

3 months ago on SFX #251 Previews Series 8


I must admit, i'm quiet looking forward to the darkness of the season. And I know this is kinda heartless, but there was much less of a threat in the show because...NO ONE DIED! Literally! We saw NO ONE die in the fiftieth anniversary special, only the villains! Heck, the Doctor had thousands of alien races trying to kill him and he died of OLD AGE. EVERYONE in the universe tried to kill him and he lived long enough for he, a TIME LORD to die after like THOUSANDS OF YEARS. And all the grimness coming up looks to rectify that, I mean, all these dark eps..."Deep Breath," "Into the Dalek," "Listen," "Flatline," and the two-parter. That's like four more than there were last season! Me. So. Very. Excited. Why August 23rd no be now?!

3 months ago on Five Expectations for Series 8


Is this going to be available in America?

3 months ago on Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection DVD & Blu-ray


So "Mummy on the Orient Express" follows up on the phone call Matt was taking at the end of "The Big Bang?" Cool!

3 months ago on Doctor Who Series 8 (2014): What We Know UPDATE


These were some great articles! Thanks for making them, both have been interesting and fun to read!

3 months ago on How does the TARDIS reflect the Doctor? (Part 2)


What about the War Doctor's control room? "Ahh! The round things!" "I love the round things!" "What are the round things?" "No idea."

3 months ago on How does the TARDIS reflect the Doctor?


@WillHaigh I'm pretty sure the only reason is that he's Steven and Mark's friend, considering they're the three that write on Sherlock. God, both of those episodes are my least favorites of each respective series. At least the rest of the season looks great. (Cybermen invasion of Earth! Into the Dalek! Dinosaurs on a...Victorian London...area!)

3 months, 1 week ago on Doctor Who Series 8 (2014): What We Know UPDATE


That 1974 trailer was amazing! Something tells me dinosaur technology has advanced somewhat throughout the years...

3 months, 1 week ago on Weird and Wonderful


Continuing the trend of Episode 12s featuring Cybermen in the Moffat era. "The Pandorica Opens," "Closing Time," "Nightmare in Silver..." which I must admit, is a very good thing because I, with my wonderfully unpopular opinion, really enjoy all of these episodes. Yes, even NiS.

3 months, 1 week ago on Cybermen Invade London (Again!)