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This editorial  seems to be a bit all over the place. First let's take a look at the title. Mobile gaming cannot go the console route.... A console is an oxymoron of the term mobile. They are fixtures associated with televisions and thus lack mobility. It all defeats the whole purpose of being mobile.


Second console gaming can be just as casual as mobile gaming. Wii Sports anyone? It's not like all console games are hardcore while casual games are no where to be found on consoles. So why even attempt to say it's one or the other.


Lastly the article seems to speak more about the gaming industry's state in general (console, casual, mobile, etc.). It's like the other wanted to write an article on gaming (clearly a passion of his) without realizing the mobile aspect is an aftertthought.


Perhaps the editorial would be better suited to discuss the future of mobile gaming's trend towards free-to-play or freemium models and it's pros and cons. I just get the impression this editor wanted to write about games and tried to make a connection with the mobile aspect and failed miserably. This editorial is better suited for IGN or 1UP than DroidDog. Just some food for thought. I like the effort though! 

2 years, 8 months ago on Editorial: Mobile Games Are Taking Two Routes: The Console Route, And The Casual Route. No Middle Ground