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I disagree on Hughes.  On one sack he was uncovered.  On the other, it looked like he might have jumped/gotten lucky.  When confronted with another large human, I saw him as a non-entity on a lot of plays.  He got manhandled on an end around to the right and never sealed the corner, he was blocked dead in his tracks from the left.  I was hoping to see a new Hughes with the new scheme.  I saw nothing new.  Except for the lack of LBs, I think he is in real risk of being cut.


Agree the OL was bad, although interestingly seemed more on the pass defense than than the run defense.  But doesn't it take time for those guys to get in synch?  Didn't a lot of them come from run-oriented styles?  Maybe it just takes some time to jell?


After the first series, thought the front seven did OK.  Secondary was dreadful.  We're going to give up a high % of completions again.  Just don't know how to solve that this year.


Luck.  Wow.  And it wasn't the TDs.  It was the pocket awareness - that rollout and toss out of bounds when the pressure came unGodly fast in the 2nd was veteran awareness.  He stepped into the pocket smoothly.  Even under pressure he kept his eyes downfield.  He didn't stare down his receivers - on the Collie pass his eyes were on the other side of the field 90% of the play.  It looked like he could just flick the ball long distances.  The one thing I did not think I saw much of was ID'ing the defense and changing the plays.  Maybe you don't do that at this point, but when the real season begins that will be an important skill and say a lot about his ability to succeed.  That seemed to be the only question mark.  


I agree the receivers looked really good too, though did notice the drops.  Hopefully Reggie will impart on him his rule of four per season!

2 years, 8 months ago on Preseason: Rams 3 at Colts 38 Game Summary | August