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Oh Apple tsk tsk they are STILL trying to sue their competition ? Really ? For what so Samsung looks a little bit similar big whoop but Touchwiz now a days looks more like stock so why are they tripping. If they keep on suing companies they are going to lose all their consumers this is ridiculous why sue a company Apple copied android with the status bar and Google doesnt care so why is apple so mad about all of that and they got the google maps and they just called it maps so i think apple needs to worry on their things like how they make 1 phone a year wow they arenslow on making things plus overpricing on their products im good on that one my point is Apple needs to stop suing and they need to Start making new ideas on how to get good products and new thingsĀ 

2 years, 7 months ago on Editorial: Could Samsung Be Forced to Lose Touchwiz Altogether?