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I am a long time Nuggets fan, and I think you guys did alright in this trade at least the parts you received from the Nuggets are decent.  Afflalo is basically Iggy light, he works his ass off and he always has a positive attitude.  In the 2nd half of last season he put up 18ppg/4rebs/3asts on great percentages.  He is very capable of doing this night in and night out.  The draft picks you got will probably be somewhere in the 20-30 range, but you never know.  

If Bynum's knee breaks down, and they wind up with a late lotto to slightly out of the lottery then that pick turns into a nice pick.  The Knicks are a team full of players who have had some injury issues and much of their roster is old. The Knicks roster likely won't change much between now and 2014 when that pick will be due, so there is a good chance that it could turn into a good pick (Denver generally picks somewhere around 20-22 in the draft, so I am thinking that is the range that this pick will fall in.  One of the smart things that your new GM did do was get a future first from each of the teams in the trade because there is a greater chance of one of them being a decent pick compared to all of the picks coming from one team with D12 as that teams anchor.

Your team is already full of young players, Nicholson, Harkless, O'quinn, Vucevic etc.... all have upside and Afflalo is still quite young himself, so the initial pieces to a youth movement are already in place.  I know I didn't mention all of your young players like Harper, Ayon, etc... who are also nice prospects.

The best thing the magic can do is suck for a year or two and use their own pick on the next superstar while using the acquired picks in this trade along with some players to make a few additional moves.  I think you will turn things around quicker than many of the so-called media experts think.

I will be watching several of your games this year because I like the way Afflalo plays and I am a sucker for underdog teams, so here is to a quick recovery/turn around.

2 years, 8 months ago on Dwight Howard traded to Lakers