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A TV event that shook the world. I noticed in 2012 that Fox pulled the show on the day before President's Day 2012. I've written a number of pieces for The Hill making the case that the American discussion is primarily one between Jefferson and Hamilton based primarily on an essay by historian Frank Owsley, one of the Vanderbilt Agrarians, titled "The Irrepresible Conflict." Hamilton was the brains behind Washington although we were taught that Jefferson was - Jefferson was the brains behind America. When Washington teamed p with Hamilton after Jay's Treaty he left behind his fellow Virginians and yielded all power to Hamilton's New York and it centralized vision of one world, one power. Jefferson and Madison never spoke again to W. and they despised each other. Before war and dominance by Washington/Hamilton culminating in the series events at Cemetary Ridge, collective neurosis occurred and plagues us still today. It is the only explainaition (collective neurosis and compensation) why anyone would build a monument 555. High to dominate the landscape, using an ancient Templar model which for hundreds of years been the symbol of the Christ. Y'll have a great Jefferson's Birthday (March 4).

2 years, 2 months ago on Presidents and Mythology – Tenth Amendment Center


It might be useful to consider a "supercommittee of governors" to consider the issues of state sovereignty - or some other appointed agents. George Kennan in his last book "Around the Cragged Hill" proposed that the United States consider 12 regions to which some states law can advance and some federal law can retreat. This cannot be done by Senate or House or feds - governors need to think for themselves: These regions are actually "natural states" - Tolstoy's phrase (I think) which have evolved these too hundred years out of forest and plantation. To evolve culturally and psychologically they need to begin to think for themselves.

2 years, 8 months ago on The Real Origin of the Tea Party Movement