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Dan, I am so proud of what you wanted to do for this woman, but sorry that the store has rules that make it impossible.  It seems the woman  more or less told you she could use it when she said had it been in the parking lot, it could have been different.  I would imagine the store personnel might remember you now so perhaps you and someone else could go in to the store, and you could note whether or not the woman was working and in what check-out lane.  The other person could then buy something, going through her line, and perhaps he or she could slip the woman a note with the payment, asking her to contact you.  Maybe a prepaid Amex or other prepaid credit card gift card could be passed to her more easily, I don't know.  There has to be a way. 

I always chat with the cashiers at my local store and one even offered to do grocery shopping for me when I had my knee replacement.  She went so far as to write her name and phone # on the back of my receipt.  It is horrible that one has to be so stealthy when thinking of a way around this rule, but perhaps the less-known person with you could let her know that he/she was with you but then say something like being new in the area and asking for a recommendation for a doctor, a senior center, anything that could get the woman to write down a pretend person's name and her own phone #.  Or something as simple as asking what time she got off and then arranging a meeting across the street, completely off their parking lot, just to be safe.  

I think what others have said about the parking lot not belonging to Wal-Mart might be correct.  When I lived in MN, there was a man in the parking lot, standing by his car with a sign that he had lost his job and needed to feed his family (the family was in the car - wife and several small children).  At first I was going to give him money but my daughter suggested a gift card to the supermarket which worked well.  The store was aware that he was "soliciting" in the parking lot but said they could do nothing about it.  Could the man have been scamming us?  Sure, it would be possible, but then the burden would be on him, not on anyone who helped him.

I do wish those commenting on this wonderful post would leave religion and the Bible out of the conversation.  It only opens the door for those who do not believe as the writer, to have an open forum to display his or her disregard for the subject of religion (which I might add, should be a very personal thing and has nothing to do with the subject of this blog post).

God bless you for helping this woman and I do hope you find a way to succeed.  Please let us know if you were successful. 

2 weeks, 5 days ago on An Open Letter to Walmart and Those Involved with This Story


Loved these posts.  Your link to subscribe via email is not working.  

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 I am so sorry that your desire to help was met with such difficulty.  Rules should never supercede human kindness. You sensed a need and wanted to help.  You will never know how I wish I could meet someone like you.  Thing are so bad that I am ready to throw in the towel. I hope you can find a way to connect with this woman, even if it has to be in the parking lot. God bless you for caring.

2 weeks, 6 days ago on An Open Letter to Walmart and Those Involved with This Story


Is there any way for you to add a gadget to follow by email subscription?  It would certainly be helpful.

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