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Samsung goes Android stock ? I would love to see that day coming :) . That was the reason why I stick to the Nexus line, since I just can't stand TouchWiz and Sense. Kies ? big crap that misbehaved in every updates, just like Nokia's PCSuite back in the old days. As developer ( for both Android and iOS ) , I don't really see fragmentation as such a hurdle, Google is doing great at maintaining good backward compatibility and also providing great base API that allow developers to create great apps without having to add manufacturer specific modules... but that will be my personal opinion as old school developer who was trained and sworn by the glorious hyper-fragmented J2ME and Symbian phones ( MIDP 1, MIDP 2, Nokia UI API, anyone ? ).

As for iOS, I guess Apple should also do some improvement to make the UI less toy-ish. Seriously, I just hate that blue, round and glossy notification dialog... 

2 years, 8 months ago on Editorial: Could Samsung Be Forced to Lose Touchwiz Altogether?