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How timely. Beware of well-known social media, public relations and communications experts advising modesty. The tools to limit or hide feeds and streams selectively on the viewer's end are abundant. They can and should use them. You should not change your habits and reach for the audience that does care, over one person's criticism. If you are asked to tweet or update less, consider the "expert" source - how many followers do they have, how much sharing, how many updates and tweets of real value have they made? 

The last one (a well known PR expert on the West Coast)  to ask me to reduce had only tweeted a few dozen times. They only updated on LinkedIn to self-promote a few items. They had only 300 social connections, all who didn't use social media, so I stood out.  Standing out is a good thing. Like they say on Duck Dynasty, "you can't fix stupid."

1 year, 10 months ago on Tweet like Guy Kawasaki for Twitter success


Had to be written. Fabulous tact in saying what many of us experiencing this would like to.  Lately, I forward these to CS(at)LinkedIn(dot)com, as a spam report.  They appear to have been taking them seriously. (CS is customer support at LinkedIn.)

1 year, 11 months ago on A Public Response to a LinkedIn Query: How Not to Reach Out on LinkedIn


Best tip is buried in the "Hootsuite" item. "Don't be shy" So true. Human's naturally don't want to feel like they are "imposing" on others by over-sharing. so they limit to once, or twice.  Or worse, some nut-case follower complains and say's your tweets are "spamming" him, and threatens to drop following you. Fact is, this socially sharing requires repetition, we're all busy and may not catch your value the first time.  Let the nut-case go, his loss to stop following your content. Use Hootsuite or other tools to hit the peak times of the day, multiple times.


2 years, 3 months ago on Content Marketing Tools: Utility Belt for Content Marketers


So true. So many website menu structures are just copied from another site. I've been asked by web designers "what website menu structure do you like?" and before one can answer, the question is followed by the question "is there a website that you want to model?"  Then, lo and behold, the menus look identical!.


Great article, Andy. It should help break this pattern of duplicity, and generate some differentiation - good for all. #SteinVox

2 years, 4 months ago on Website Navigation Best Practices


This is fantastic direction, Andy. And it applies to so much more than just blog posts!  How often have each of us been in a conversation exposed to someone, or even found ourselves, spewing information that had no relevance in these three contexts?  We're all human !  Great points to bear in mind. #SteinVox

2 years, 8 months ago on Blog Criteria: 3 Blogging Criteria For Writing Great Posts