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This article is a joke from the beginning if you're basing the decision on reality.  


Yes, certain cities are better than others for tourist... others have more experience...  better weather... blah-blah-blah.


99.9% of the time, bowl decisions are based on money.  There are a lot of people/businesses that have it but only one willing to invest it in this bowl this year.  Jerry Jones.  


He'll buy the first one and after running it successfully (don't bother suggesting like he won't, he's got the experience and money) he'll immediately get a long-term contract to host it.   Jerry will have it locked in for at least a decade.  When his agreement is up, he'll use the "tradition" angle along with his cash in his play to keep it in Dallas - which he probably will do.  The only way to pry it away from him is to have a bidding organization anchored by a successful NFL owner and people wiling to literally invest double the money that Jerry is - and Jerry's gonna be willing to invest just about everything he can.


So of these "potential" locations take out any one that doesn't have a NFL team,  now take out the cities that haven't proven to have their pro team run successfully, now take out the ones outside of major metropolis that have populations of at least 1 million, now take out the ones who don't have owners willing to throw a ton of money at the bowl committee.  Now you have one city and owner, Bob NcNair and Houston.  Of course by then McNair will be well into his 80's so you better hope his kids are as passionate about football as their dad.   Yes, Jerry Jones may be out of it by then but his son Jerry Jr. is already VP of the Cowboys and is basically a clone of his dad.


I know, reality isn't as fun as fantasy...

2 years, 8 months ago on A Closer Look At 10 Potential “Champions” Bowl Hosts