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I forgot to cite my quotations.  They are all from a blog called Femonade (

2 years, 8 months ago on Why I Am A Feminist


  "Women are 50% of our population but are certainly not contributing to 50% of production."  That should read paying jobs that contribute to production.  Women contribute more than 50% when you count all of the unpaid labor they do.  The majority of the work of raising children, maintaining a home, and providing emotional support is still done by women.  There are rare househusbands and men claim they "help out", but women hold the responsibility.


Before dismissing this idea, consider the description of "housework" using male terms.  Housework involves mental labor and project management.  When "men do project management it is a real and  difficult skill to teach.  It requires intuition, good judgement,  round the clock vigilance, physical, and mental labor. 


"Project management is one of the highest paid and most prestigious positions men reserve for themselves, because its the hardest and most important, and not everyone can do it, or is willing to do it."  Managing a house is a project management type of job.  From when to water what plants to coordinating schedules to knowing when food and other supplies have to be bought falls to women the majority of the time. 


A man may bring home a loaf of bread, but generally doesn't take an inventory and buy groceries (aside from maybe beer) on his own.  He has to be asked and told what to do.  In this instance the woman is the responsible project manager and the man is unskilled labor.  Women do this without pay so it is not even recognized as work, but without such work the level of productivity for men will drop and its cost will increase.


Think about it carefully and you may change your mind about the level of women's productivity.

2 years, 8 months ago on Why I Am A Feminist




I am writing to ask you to practice what you preach.  Listen to the 27 June 2012, 100th Imaginary Friends Podcast, Then explain to your friends Jake, Greg, and Peter how deeply offensive this show is.  With a few exceptions, the show is almost entirely jokes at the expense of women victims of male violence.


I've only been listening for 5 or 6 months, but I've gone through all of the podcasts up to episode 100.  I just finished listening to it and am still nauseated.  I thought Jake was a good guy.  Now I'm not so sure.  I've written some feedback, but doubt he will take it seriously.  He'll probably say I can't take a joke or that he warned the the show was unedited.  I expected to hear a lot of swearing and sex jokes, which I did.  No biggie.  I did not expect to hear an hour of nearly complete contempt for women, particularly women victim of male violence.


The way to fight rape, harassment, and bigotry towards women is for men who believe in women's rights to call their friends on their abuses.  These are your own thoughts.  These are also your friends, if what you say on the IMF show is true.


You can clearly talk the talk. Now it is time to walk the walk.  Jake, Greg, and Peter need to recognize how insulting and degrading show 100 is and address the problem.  Acknowledgement of the issues with the show is needed.  An apology would be nice.  That may be wishful thinking on my part.



Celia Jane

2 years, 8 months ago on Rape, Still Not Funny