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 @znmeb Business model and infrastructure management are really only tangentially related.  A business model should not be applied to make the management of a resource easier, but to maximize the return on the cost of providing the resources used to deliver the value.  In fact, everything other than the business model must be applied to ensure the manageability of the resources used to deliver the value that should in turn drive the business model.  That's where dev/eng/ops pay their way and work all hours to maximize efficiency.

2 years, 7 months ago on A Lot of Lead Bullets: A Blistering Response to the NYT on Data Center Efficiency


Hi Abdul, 

There are indeed some similarities wrt accessibility and the fact that the software one uses does not need to be updated by the user, someone else will do it at no additional cost.  But if you're referring to SaaS applications (as I think you are), the analogy kind of breaks down after that, right?  For example, takes quite a customization effort to integrate it into a large corporation.  This is expensive and is quite a revenue stream for SFDC and associated consultants.  Also, while functionality can be added to platforms like SFDC through their API, there isn't really a community of unpaid developers hacking on the code of the platform itself (in the same way as developers contribute to Mozilla or Linux).  Also, switching costs between SaaS apps are not zero.  They may not be as high as switching from SAP to Oracle, for example, but the costs are there.  Lastly, experimentation is cheap with SaaS, but there have been a number of studies that have shown that corporate-wide adoption of applications like SFDC are on a par with their installed equivalents.And so, while an alluring observation, I think that the analogy breaks down pretty quickly once we scratch below the surface.

Having  said all that, there are aspects of cloud computing that ARE open source - Open Stack being a good example.  

2 years, 8 months ago on 5 Ways Cloud Computing Is Like Open Source