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Mr. DarylLloydDavis you assume I am acting with pious, which I don't mind because I am actually pious, but I know you meant it more as a dig than a compliment. In essence, I am acting out of a pious love for the original Constitution our forefathers gave their lives to give to us. Yeah, you included. I would piously defend your right to have an opinion regardless of how asinine it was.


I only  "assume" you are an enemy of the Constitution because of your sincere point of view, or your pious point of view, in wanting to be rid of the original Constitution and replace it with a Democracy. Liberty was given to, We The People, by the Constitution not a socialist style democracy, where the mob eventually rules. 


You mention that It's disappointing that Mike Maharrey would sooner address an hysterical outburst from the pious chaplain, that would be me, than intelligently refute your arguments against any criticisms of your point of view. First of all, from my pious point of view, there is no intelligent way to refute your arguments, I piously stand by, garbage in garbage out. Pious garbage is still garbage and cannot be argued with. Maybe you should try an argument like, we should fix the Constitution so that communists can never again get this close to destroying our Republic.


If you want to talk about a real hysterical outburst lets hear from those who gave their blood protecting our original Constitution, oh wait, they're dead, so I will hysterically outburst for them and piously label your point of view as pure garbage that is not good for America. 


I think you're a blog-plant and a trouble maker trying to lure pious people such as myself or patriots like Mike Maharrey into argumentative nonsense in order to control the dialect, Saul A. would be proud of you. You must have went to a socialist style American in name only college, I cannot imagine you learned that opinionated garbage on your own?  


Darn, I guess it worked, you're at least good and getting the hair to rise on my neck, but your opinion stills smells like "garbage in garbage out" and that cannot be refuted by the nose of any patriotic American.

2 years ago on Garbage in, Garbage Out


DarylLloydDavis is a fine example of "garbage in garbage out". What an asinine statement; "Preserve the Union but be rid of the original Constitution." What in hell does this DarylLloydDavis character think the Constitution would be replaced with? Who would draft the new laws to preserve the Union? We need to preserve the Union and the Constitution by getting rid of the socialists and communists within our political system. We need to preserve the Union and the Constitution by getting the federal government off the backs of  We the People and force the federal federal back to following the Constitution, especially the 10th. amendment.  Any person who would make such an asinine statement; "Preserve the Union but be rid of the original Constitution is obviously an enemy of the Constitution and should be disregarded as such but certainly not underestimated. 

2 years ago on Garbage in, Garbage Out