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Good article, it's nice to hear some sanity coming from a political party leader for a change.  Being a libertarian, maybe it would help you to get beyond this whole 'left' versus 'right' paradigm that only serves to pit us against each other.  Like it or not, your values based on what you might like to call the far right are basically the same as those held by many on the far left.  We've all been conned by the elites (repubs and dems) for so long, it's difficult to tell friend from foe.  

In my opinion, the failed drug war is presently this nation's worst enemy and principal reason for economic (as well as environmental) challenges.  But it is merely a symptom of corruption which undermines the ideals of this great nation.  Watching it come down is entertaining and educational; offering undeniable proof that congress and the Obama administration are hopelessly out of touch with reality.  Leaving all of us in a very precarious position...  for more on the politics and economics of ganja, please check out my blog at

2 years, 2 months ago on Do We Have the Stones