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One of the problems with this "convergence" message is quite clearly stated by Todd Bartlett a couple of comments down from this.  Many PR practitioners (we can act professional, but we don't exactly fit that definition) are "converging" with marketing even to the point to describing themselves as marketing communication practitioners, rather than taking a deep breath and recognizing that the most important aspect of the PR role is helping their organization adjust its behavior in ways more compatible with the expectations of key audiences, and in the public interest.  The outbound role -- that is what we usually think of as publicizing organizational accomplishments -- is secondary at best, and is being greatly facilitated (for sure) by new media channels and mechanisms in the social media domain.  But the most important role of social media in the practice of PR is probably the moment to moment constituency research made possible by careful social media monitoring.

2 years, 8 months ago on Convergence is the Name of the Game for PR Pros of Tomorrow