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I frequently suffer from uneven eyelids and I know how it can just ruin makeup! The solution (for me) is eyelid tape. Wearing the eyelid tape for one or two hours not only makes the eyelid crease where I need it, but after taking the tape off, the adhesive that's left behind also reinforces the crease by sticking to the non-blink parts of the eyelid. I also had a cousin who desperately wanted creases in her monolids, so every day she put vaseline on and patiently drew the crease she wanted--lightly--with a toothpick or an ear spoon, spending at least 15 minutes a day on this ritual. She got a very natural crease after doing this for about a year, and since she was too young to get the eyelid surgery, it was also inexpensive.

2 years, 8 months ago on Eye Makeup Tips For 14 Different Types of Asian Eyes