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 @zcaslin I've been reading your posts and what I can deduce from them is that you don't really know much about computer operating systems, (not just software), and that you have no interest in weighing the strengths and weaknesses of all platforms. I worked in a Mac-based office for 15 years, cut my teeth on DOS, used Windows since  v.3.1 -- and still have yet to find anything that can boast the track record of 11-year-old XP -- and am a avid Linux user, which dances circles around your beloved OSX and most variants of Windows.


 Do you really think your grammar-challenged, teenage rants bring anything positive to the discussion? LIghten up or take your adolescent behavior to an appropriate blog. I would suggest something Bieberish.

2 years, 8 months ago on Study Shows Google's Nexus 7 Commercial To Be More Effective Than Apple's New Ad Series