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your comments about being a little bit too smart, inquisitive, and daring for my own good.  my lovely daughter is the same way.  as an adult, i have also come to understand that many of the 'girlie' ways of women are beyond my comprehension, including the fact that i have no idea how to fight like a girl.  i have no sisters and almost no female first cousins.  i much preferred the company of males when i was growing up - and i often still do.  that doesn't make me a 'hater'.  rather, it's just an explanation for much of what we might call personality.  i knew, for instance, from a very early age that i'd have to find a guy smarter than me if i was going to respect my husband.  and, i did!  my daughter is in the same boat.  it's not that i'm not feminine in many ways as i am, but, as my friend DJ puts it so nicely, 'there's a 12 year old boy inside of me trying to find his way out'. yep!  i'm still a tomboy and have never quite figured out how to NOT be curious, smart, investigative.  and, i have come to love and accept myself just the way i am.  i actually never wanted a daughter.  i wanted all boys.  i had the 2 boys then, fortunately i was given the wonderful, magical gift of my daughter who is now 29.  i'm so grateful that God knew better than me what i needed, what was good for me, and that i could be a good mother to a girl as well as my boys.

thanks for all your insights.  keep writing - growing, and evolving!


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another great, inspiring article.  no surprise.  you and i see the world in very similar ways.  i have not read rebecca solnit and will put this book on request at my library right away.

i like the idea of walking with experts in various fields to learn how they see the world.  i must do this, in a way, with my husband.  we both enjoy the art museum but he wants all the pics to be like photographs.  i like those but i also appreciate all forms of canvas art, especially the cubists and the impressionists.  my husband just doesn't 'get' those artists, but he's willing to look.  the art museum is another great place for a walk, albeit a stroll, on bad weather days.

this also reminded me of how i love to see the world thru the eyes of a child.  i have no grandchildren yet, but i have plenty of little friends at the park.  my dog and i attract their attention.  i get a glimpse, for a few moments, of what the tots see - sort of a dogs height view of the world - and it's wonderful.  i'm getting a nice stroller when one of my kids has a kid so i can encourage walking very early.

thanks for your continuing inspiration on all fronts.

jd in st louis

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i hope i'm known a bit by your readers from my blog

i love crochet, watermelon, chocolate, walking, music on my ipod, and reading.  that about covers it.  mom of 3 grown kids who were homeschooled - one attorney and two entering their last year of law school  i know, i know.  where did i go wrong?!  THREE attorneys when the world already has too many.  all i can say is they were homeschooled and have made most of their educational choices on their own.  i had to laugh about kathryn being homecoming queen and a dropout.  my kids never went to high school and never got GED's.  they just went to college.  always an interesting source of dinner conversation. 


i spend a great deal of time outside if i can, love to travel, have spent quite a lot of time in arkansas and india!  how's that for both ends of the geographic spectrum?  love st louis where i have lived since was 7 except for those summers in NW arkansas.  only learned to crochet when i was 50.  have tried my hands at most arts/crafts.  most successful for me have been crochet, quilting/sewing, and beadwork.  absolutely cannot tolerate cross stitch!!! or bridge or video games or screeching.


now, back to crochet.

jd in st louis

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