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i hope i'm known a bit by your readers from my blog

i love crochet, watermelon, chocolate, walking, music on my ipod, and reading.  that about covers it.  mom of 3 grown kids who were homeschooled - one attorney and two entering their last year of law school  i know, i know.  where did i go wrong?!  THREE attorneys when the world already has too many.  all i can say is they were homeschooled and have made most of their educational choices on their own.  i had to laugh about kathryn being homecoming queen and a dropout.  my kids never went to high school and never got GED's.  they just went to college.  always an interesting source of dinner conversation. 


i spend a great deal of time outside if i can, love to travel, have spent quite a lot of time in arkansas and india!  how's that for both ends of the geographic spectrum?  love st louis where i have lived since was 7 except for those summers in NW arkansas.  only learned to crochet when i was 50.  have tried my hands at most arts/crafts.  most successful for me have been crochet, quilting/sewing, and beadwork.  absolutely cannot tolerate cross stitch!!! or bridge or video games or screeching.


now, back to crochet.

jd in st louis

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