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Because "evil people" was a term used to refer to people who disagreed with political/religious belliefs of the time.

The people named above like the Family of Blood are not part of this category.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Is the Doctor a Good Man?


@TheNightmareChild sees into your soul! 

Soooo Kazran is threatening to let thousands of people die and what you find messed uo in this situation is the Doctor going back in time and being nice to him as a child.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Is the Doctor a Good Man?


I can think of at least 3 moffat holes.

The fact that foreknowledge was said to prevent one from rewriting time in The Angels Take Manhattan went against A Christmas and Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis. (2 plot holes)

The Doctor(11) having regeneration energy. 

The Doctor not being able to use the Tardis to see Madame De Pompadour because it is "a part of events" even if he was able to do it in the runaway bride,hide and the bells of saint-john

8 months, 3 weeks ago on The Actual Plot Holes in Doctor Who


Yes, Ten becomes extremely arrogant in Waters Of Mars, but the writers make it so that he stills winds up saving 2 people and that Ten tells her to just inspire her granddaughter while, which even though you could argue the scene is written to show Ten is in a different state of mind that he normally is it still is a perfectly feasible option. During Eleven's reign, the very idea that altering pasts events to save someone is bad is never mentioned.The Doctor does it in A Christmas Carol and in Journey To The Centre Of the Tardis to save lives. Now you could argue Ten's sin was in his arrogance and in the fact that he went against the rules,but I would argue it is still poorly executed becaus at the time, no good reason was ever given as to why a fixed point was a fixed point.It was just stated that you couldn't change certain events.The arbitrary nature of the concept makes breaking a fixed point fall under designated evil.As many people have said it "you can't do that because PLOT" so calling one out for having the audacity to against it does feel baseless.He called people "little" but he also called human apes,Donna unimportant and it was never a problem ,the show even actively pushed the idea that the Doc was Godlike in a somewhat positive or at least not negative manner.

8 months, 4 weeks ago on Is the Doctor a Good Man?