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Hey John at MRSEC, 


Do you remember when I posted this idea in the Jerry Palm thread a couple weeks ago?


Im glad a media member decides to write about it, that is the next problem CFB needs to fix

2 years, 7 months ago on Forget Selection Committees And Conference Tie-Ins, It’s Time For A Bowl Draft


Here is my plan on how the Bowl System and Selection Process should be.

Have the Bowls draft matchups by whichever bowls have the biggest payouts, and have the NCAA approve the matchup as far as from a competitive standpoint, so 7-5 Texas wouldnt get to go to the Cotton Bowl because they were UT. Of course this wouldnt include the BCS Bowls

Here is a mock of how last seasons bowl matchups could have gone.

1. Cotton Bowl: #6 Arkansas vs #15 Baylor

2. Capital One Bowl: #10 South Carolina vs #12 Michigan State

3. Outback Bowl: #18 Georgia vs #21 Nebraska

4. Chik-fil-A Bowl: #11 Kansas State vs #25 Florida State

(They could easily pick a SEC team instead of KSU, but I feel like they would take a flyer and take KSU and KSU wouldve have turned out in great numbers)

5. Insight Bowl: #8 Boise State vs #19 Oklahoma

6. Gator Bowl: Notre Dame vs Auburn

7. Holiday Bowl: #20 Houston vs BYU

8. Alamo Bowl: #16 TCU vs Texas

9. Champs Sports Bowl: Florida vs Georgia Tech

10. Pinstripe Bowl: Virginia vs Cincinnati 

11. Sun Bowl: Ohio State vs Washington

12. Texas Bowl: #22 Southern Mississippi vs Texas A&M

ect, ect. A team can refuse to go to the bowl that drafted them but that is a calculated risk they have all the right to take


2 years, 8 months ago on Computer Guru Palm Makes SEC Bowl Picks