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Unless there is improvement in Aron Baynes or newly acquired Jeff Pendergraf the Spurs show little roster improvement for the 2013-14 season.  Marco Belinelli replacing Gary Neal is a trade-off and Pendergraff replacing DeJuan Blair is only a slight improvement.  Meanwhile the aging process will take its toll on the big three, particularly in the case of Manu Ginobli, who is only a shadow of what he used to be.  Kahwi Leonard's continued improvement will be a must for the Spurs return to the finals.  Can't see Deshaun Thomas making the squad, too slow on defense and not a good rebounder.   Next year's roster probably will include Duncan, Parker, Leonard, Green, Splitter, Diaw, Ginobli, Joseph, DeColo, Bonner, Baynes, and Mills with Thomas and maybe Ryan Richards battling it out for the 15th spot.  With the improvement of other west teams via the draft and free agency it looks like a very crowded battle for the western conference championship.   The Spurs will be in the mix, but an injury to Duncan or Parker could be fatal.  Parker's style of play makes him a prime candidate for injuries and Duncan's old knees could finally give out on him.  A trip to the finals will be difficult without trade a big trade.  

1 year, 9 months ago on San Antonio needs "Big" help


Prigioni will be nothing more than a bench player for the Knicks, but a smart one.  Manu is on his last legs and probably will retire after the end of next season.  He will get injured again and won't get the job done.  His turnover rate has always been high, but this season it was rediculous.  He is two steps slower and doesn't have the lift to go over defensive bigs that he used too. The Spurs are paying him too much; $14 mil for two years.  He would be overpaid at $10 mil.  The Spurs could have picked up needed $$$ if they had offered less.  That could be used to find a strong mid-level rebounder and rim defender that they sorely need.  Baynes has possibilities, but his inability to move well laterally on defense is glaring.  Ryan Richards is the dark horse.  I'll be watching him closely in the summer league games to see if he has improved enough to earn a spot on the top 15.  

1 year, 9 months ago on Ginobili hopes Argentine teammate returns for sophomore season


There is a lot of upside to Krylo.  The Pacers used him sparingly because there top player is playing ahead of him.  It's like the back up for Lebon James or Kobie Bryant.  They get very limited minutes.  There are too many teams that laugh at the Spurs front line when it comes to defending the front of the rim.  It is the main reason for the decline in the team' defensive rating.  Fesenko could help in that regard.  He's not quick afoot, but the Spurs need him because of Duncan or Splitter get injured, and one of them will,  Blair and Bonner just can't get the job done.  And when that duo are on the court at the same time it is pitiful for Spurs fan to watch.  Hope Pop likes him and can get the front office to make him a good offer.

2 years, 6 months ago on Report: Spurs set to work out center Kyrylo Fesenko


If he is in shape, he could easily fulfill the need of a big man to come off the bench.  He is young enough to learn the Spurs system.  The question is how much will the Spurs have available to pay him.  As much as he has to prove to that he can help fill the big man Spurs shortage, the Spurs need to sell him on the advantages of wearing the silver and black.  Somebody for sure will pick up this guy soon.   

2 years, 7 months ago on Report: Spurs set to work out center Kyrylo Fesenko