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One TD was a pass over Browner who was the weak link in the secondary.  He has been replaced by Byron Maxwell and, according to PFF, Maxwell was #2 in the NFL in defensive passer rating differential this year.

The other pass TD was broken coverage.

Indy didn't face the same team Denver did and anyone who watched the Indy game knows they had a lot of breaks go their way. It was very close to a St. Louis/Arizona style blow-out, and 5 times out of 10, it would be.

1 year ago on Taming the Seahawks: How the Colts Fared Better than Anyone Against the League’s Top Defense


I'd say Lin is "pretty good" at pick and roll. :) Morey said in a recent interview that he was the 5th best pick and roll player in the league:

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Lin is 3rd among starting PGs in the NBA in steals-blocks-charges taken/40, so I'm gonna say your eye test is BS, at least if you're implying Lin is somehow worse than other point guards on defense. Who "just couldn't stay in front of" Lin for his 29 points and 8 assists, eh? Lin tested out with a faster first step than John Wall and Derrick Rose on his combine tests and has the fastest acceleration the Rockets have ever tested, FYI.

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No other talent on offense and defense, huh? You mean aside from the first 5 start record holder for scoring, Jeremy Lin. Are you pretending that because Harden has cannibalized his role somewhat, he suddenly lost his talent? The San Antonio game went right in one ear and out the other? Ignore Calvin Murphy calling for Lin to play point more? Ignore Coach Karl saying Lin is the motor of the team?


Within two years, everyone will recognize Lin as a star. I've never seen anyone with this much athleticism have their upside ignored so facilely. Did you know that Lin tested out in the combine tests with a faster first step than John Wall, Kyrie Irving, and Derrick Rose? Normally players with elite athleticism get a little bit of rope. C.f. John Wall? Why not Lin? (BTW, if you don't trust the combine tests, Houston players have accelerometers on their practice jerseys and Lin has easily the fastest first step on the team and the fastest they've ever recorded.)


How about defense? Lin isn't good at defense, huh? Such an easy claim for know-nothings to make since it's so hard to prove otherwise. But, let's try, shall we?


Sort on the DEF column and you will see that Lin is 3rd in the NBA among starting point guards in steals-blocks-rebounds/40 minutes.


Yeah, he's really bad at defense.


In Lin's season in the d-league, he was number one in the entire league among ALL PLAYERS in DRtg. Not a shot blocking center. Lin.


Then last year, on the Knicks 5th rated defense, the Lin/Tyson Chandler two man line-up was #1 on the team in DRtg and 17th in the entire NBA.


Yeah, Lin has elite athleticism and tries really hard and has money stats for only defensive stats that are tracked, but he has no talent.


It's hard for me to fathom the bias against Lin. And in two years, you'll say "he's gotten better". No, he's here now. He's just not treated with the same respect that others with similar upside are.

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If I click on your xml feed it appears to show new entries but in Pulse for iPhone and Google Reader, the latest post it shows is from 2009.

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