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I didn't get the "you need our help" vibe from the commercials. I just felt vaguely insulted because I thought it reiterated the common misconception some have that Apple products are just pretty machines where everything is run by a wizard. As a long-time Mac Addict, I've constantly come up against the accusation that I use Macs because I just don't know how to use more complicated machines. I thought this series of ads supported that misconception - "We've got software that will just step you through this long, involved process without you having to think really hard at all. Oh, and we've got 'geniuses' who will even step you through how to use a wizard." But, I agree with +Alan Smithee that perhaps I'm only insulted because I'm not the intended audience. I already value the machines and software that I've purchased, so perhaps they are targeting buyers who are tired of struggling with technology. And let's face it, there are still a lot of them out there. And yes, perhaps those are the exact same buyers that are being targeted by similar ads by Best Buy. Apple doesn't get any originality points for this, but they might win in the end nonetheless.

2 years, 8 months ago on Ken Segall: Why Steve Jobs Never Put Customers in Ads