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In case it hasn't been mentioned yet - no time to read through 96 comments! - I would highly recommend starting to use Google+ to reach out to potential customers as well. Don't bombard G-plussers with advertising in your posts, just become a presence on that network so you're seen and known.


Out of love with Facebook and in love with Google+ ;)

2 years, 2 months ago on Is it Time to Breakup With Facebook?


Favorite summer snack? Strawberries and ice cream.

Favorite destination? Any local lake for some fishing, hiking and/or camping.

Beach or Water? A little of both.

Favorite meat? Chicken

Favorite shoe? Running shoes

Favorite Holiday? Canada Day :)

Favorite summer sport? Not sure, not really sporty!

Favorite sleeping habit? Staying up late (since my kids rarely let me sleep in yet).

Favorite summer grill? Whatever's available. ;)

Favorite summer dessert? Fudgesicle (though I should stick to lactose-free ice cream).

Favorite food over fire? Hot dogs.

What else smacks of summer to you? Summer read-a-thons, iced tea, time with family.


2 years, 6 months ago on Summer Survey--Julie Arduini Style